The Newseum

This is a picture of the Newseum’s exhibit of photographer Bill Biggart’s equipment and personal belongings. It was heart-wrenching to see these displayed alongside his last pictures and a video of his heroic wife. Mr. Biggart lost his life on September 11th; his story is incredible…click here to read more. The exhibit was stunningly moving.

The Newseum is spectacular. Jenny was right–I was awed. I think I may join so I can go back again and again–because there was not enough time to see all I wanted to see. And, I didn’t even find Garrett Graff’s notebook (even though Jenny very kindly tried to help me via Twitter…but unfortunately, we had already left).

To see more pictures from the day, click here.


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One Response to “The Newseum”

  1. Great post Beck! Makes me want to go and see the place. I can now tell my friends that I went to school under a prof who is now featured in a museum in Washington, DC. Since I am as old as dirt anyway they will probably think my prof, being in a museum as he is, was probably born in 1890!

    Life is too funny.

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