Makes Life Worth Living

It was really cold at softball tonight–we had two games. I had a blanket wrapped around me for the two plus hours that I was there and it wasn’t enough. My younger daughter finished her game 30 minutes before her big sister. She too was cold–and she was only wearing her team short-sleeved t-shirt and shorts, that’s it. I was quite happy that I had an extra blanket for her while we watched the rest of my older daughter’s game. When we were leaving the park after the game was over, my younger daughter was worried that her big sister might be cold too–even though her big sister was wearing long sleeves and sweatpants. She took her blanket and wrapped part of it around her sister–she made sure to hold it up on her sister’s shoulder so she would be warm too.

I am glad I have a camera on my cell phone. I’m such a sap; I was delighted that I was able to capture this moment of pure love that makes life worth living.


~ by eTechnorize on May 16, 2008.

One Response to “Makes Life Worth Living”

  1. Awww, Becky I love this! Your girls seem really sweet. 🙂

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