Free Thoughts from an Earthy Pearl

Thoughts from an Earthy Pearl led me to Chris Anderson’s interview (click on “Free” in her blog post–LaKristen!). Thanks to her ingenuity, I was able to watch Anderson share “pearls” of wisdom and optimism–for free. “Every industry that becomes digital eventually becomes free,” he said. Anderson referred to Google’s business model–free services, software and information–and Wikipedia’s “gift economy” (for free, no advertising). I like this new economy. As Kristen suggested, “it applies to Free online television too.” Like Kristen, I haven’t watched much TV (other than news) in recent years either, but it’s great to know I can watch online–anytime I want to…for free. The digital world is an oyster!


~ by eTechnorize on April 21, 2008.

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