“A New Way of Doing Politics”

“You know, one of the things about the internet is that people generate all kinds of stuff. In some ways, it’s the democratization of the campaign process.” – Barack Obama (p. 254 “The First Campaign“)

In “The First Campaign: Globalization, the Web and the Race for the White House,” Garrett Graff introduces “a new way of doing politics.” He illustrates ways in which the Internet allows supporters to find each other, to voice opinions, to share information, to collaborate, to comment and to donate (money, time, ideas). And, the results can catapult, punish, or finish a candidate.

Graff says, “2008 is a ‘first campaign’ in another way. The very technology that has transformed the global economy has transformed the campaign process as well, so that the race will be run as much on the World Wide Web as in union halls and town squares and on television.”

Like never before, people are linking to one-another, communicating opinions and consuming information–on a global basis, in split-second timing. The “First Campaign” discusses how politics has become increasingly innovative. Through blogs and other social media platforms, individuals now have more access, more information and a louder voice–and they have networks. There is power in numbers; and politicians need to be proactive, responsive–and tech savvy. Steve Jobs said, Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” In today’s world, leaders need to understand the vast power of the Internet, embrace it and then, run with it.



~ by eTechnorize on April 20, 2008.

3 Responses to ““A New Way of Doing Politics””

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  3. Becky good way to cover what GG;s book is about. I didn’t get a chance to fully read it, but I read a few pages here and there and boy is this man going places…as if he hasn’t met some awesome people!!! LOL
    Nevertheless, you are right, his book goes into how social media networks and tools are the way of the future and the candidate who implements what he’s mention, they are most likely to win the election! To me, it seems that Obama or his camp has been reading his book, b/c anyone to can raise more money then Hilary through the internet deserves to win…well not really, but you know what I mean!

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