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While doing research for the Social Media Plan paper, I discovered several Social Media SEO tools that I thought I’d share.


To add the “Fave This Blog” button to my blog, I went to my Technorati account and clicked “[Edit]” (you will be on the “My Account” page). Then I went on to:

  • Click “Blogs” tab
  • Click
  • Scroll down to code. Highlight and right click to copy the code.
  • Paste it into a “Text” Widget (in WordPress “Design”).
  • Click “Save Changes.


To add RSS Feed Options (“Chicklets”) to my blog, I logged in at Feedburner and clicked “My Feeds” in the upper left hand corner. I then went on to:

  • Click my blog name in the “Feed Title.”
  • Click the “Publicize” tab.
  • Scroll down to “Chicklet Chooser” on the left menu of Services.
  • Choose the “Chicklet” …(code appears).
  • Right click and highlight the code; paste it into a “Text” Widget (in WordPress “Design”) .
  • Click “Save.”


To add a Social Media bookmarking and sharing application button, I went to AddThis . I then went on to:

  • Open an account.
  • Click (do not enter a blog type.)
  • Choose the button.
  • Cut and paste the top code (in the box) into a “Text” Widget (in WordPress “Design”) .
  • Click “Save.”


To add a Digg button to a blog post, I went to WordPress FAQs. I then went on to:

  • Register the blog post at (clicking “Submit New” in the upper right-hand corner).
  • Enter URL for the blog post, click “News Article” and click “Continue.”
  • Enter Title and Description
  • Choose Topic and “Submit Story.”
  • Click “Totally Original, I Swear.”
  • Click “My Profile” (upper right-hand corner).
  • Click on the “1 digg” button; copy the URL.
  • Paste URL into blog post–and put around URL.
  • Click “Save.”


To Digg this post (for example) using the “Add This” button, click (the button is also on the right-hand column of this blog) and then click on the Digg link on the right column of the pop-up page (see copy of page below).

The “Add This” button links to 36 social media platforms (click here to see the platforms).


~ by eTechnorize on April 12, 2008.

6 Responses to “SEO Blog Tools”

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  2. I came looking for SEO tools to compliment the ones that I already use for Backlinks, PageRank, Inclusion, Indexing, Authority, Age, HTTP Status Code, Whois Data, and Outbound Links,Page Strength and Keword analysis, etc. The badges and buttons and instructions for them are on the respective sites.

  3. Thanks for the tips! I still messed it up but I really appreciate the information!

  4. Hi
    Thanks for the tip. I have written articles with Digg in mind, but following the Digg instructions, I was unable to put a Digg button my blog.
    So thanks again . . . I’m off to submitt to Digg now.


  5. […] searched the forums to see what others recommend, and one blogger links to this post she wrote about how to add social media […]

  6. Hello,
    Nice article,this is useful information you have provided

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