Do you have to be over 40 to think this is hilarious?!

A hilarious little walk down memory lane—and man this guy can dance.    (Yep…I’m back to the videos–this one gets even better every time you watch it!)    Garrett won’t even know some of these songs! 🙂


~ by eTechnorize on April 3, 2008.

One Response to “Do you have to be over 40 to think this is hilarious?!”

  1. Isn’t interesting to see what people from the caribbean has to write about especially the spanish speaking countries. What’s amazing is that some countries don’t allow blogging!!! For some, that’s a way out, a way to vent and express what they are feling and going through.
    What’s also interesting is that my grandmother was from Cuba and I would hear stories through my mom on my grandma’s life there. I wish blogging was available 50-60 years ago, it would have answered so many questions I have about my roots and backgrounds. Nevertheless, I’m glad you found the caribbean interesting. Read on blog lover, read on…lol

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