From Virgil to Tommy

Create a WikiScanner report…huh? wikiscanner-s.png Okay, I’ll give it a try. Between Wikipedia and Virgil Griffith‘s WikiScanner, I looked at so many companies, IP addresses and “articles” in hopes of finding “newsworthy” edits. After a circuitous search, I landed on former Secretary of Health and Human Services, Tommy Thompson .

Here’s how it started…

The cause and effect relationship between food additives and ADHD is of particular interest to me. Last year, The Lancet published a study, conducted by the British Food Services Agency, stating that “common food additives and colorings can increase hyperactive behavior in a broad range of children.” The FSA went on to issue a “warning” about food additives, confirming the bedrock of the diet espoused by the U.S.-based Feingold Association. Thus, I thought the Feingold diet would be an interesting WikiScanner topic—especially in light of the fact that Feingold’s Wikipedia page is considered biased; and mentions of the diet and the FSA study have been removed or omitted from the ADHD Wikipedia page (diet vs. medicine). But the WikiScanner results didn’t prove to be particularly interesting. I then tried searching WikiScanner for edits made by each of the pharmaceutical companies that produce ADHD medications…nothing. Then I thought about the company that produces food coloring (IFF)…nothing. Then a thought occurred to me; what about edits from the P.R. firm that represents IFF? I did a Google search and discovered the firm. I searched for the firm’s edits on WikiScanner, which I initially typed incorrectly as Burson-MarstellAr. Not noticing my typo, I looked at each of the edit groupings and zeroed in on DC–then Tommy Thompson (86121388). The edits were favorable and well-written. I then wondered if there might be a relationship between Secretary Thompson and Burson-Marsteller. Back to Google… Turns out that Governor Tommy Thompson’s former Press Secretary, Tony Jewell, is a managing director at Burson-Marsteller. While proof-reading, I discovered my typo…oh no…but then I looked at the “Domain” in the Wikiscanner results (with the typo) it said: I clicked it…went to http://www.Burson-Marsteller. com. Am I back on track?

I don’t know who edited Tommy Thompson’s Wikipedia page…might not have come from Burson-Marsteller, but it’s an interesting thought (great Web 2.0 PR strategy). Obviously, this is not newsworthy, but it’s pretty interesting nonetheless.


~ by eTechnorize on March 20, 2008.

3 Responses to “From Virgil to Tommy”

  1. Best blog on the net!!!

  2. Beck – are you a private eye? Hmm – we need to get you up there with Bob Woodward if he comes back to talk at Hoyaland this fall.

  3. I have been wandering around the WikiScanner thing as well – but so far I have not got to anything as interesting as yours…..

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