The name’s Graff, Garrett Graff

Are you following Garrett on “Twitter?” Last night he sent a “tweet” saying he was “putting on the tuxedo and the panda tie for tonight’s gala.” In weeks past, he sent tweets about hearing Bill Gates (in person), lunching with Joe Trippi, traveling to Finland to ski and rub elbows with Ambassadors, speaking at Google, meeting with an Internet security expert (“Q“?!), etc. And he has sent teasers about cultures, museums, restaurants, events and travels. Remind you of anyone? The name’s Graff, Garrett Graff.Or, maybe it just seems that way because the “tweets” arrive while I’m doing non-Bondesque type things (which is often!) like grocery shopping, cooking, doing dishes, driving carpools, etc. Either way, the tweets are fun–kind of a mental adventure. (Some local tweets are worth mimicking–we’re heading to the Newseum next week.) And, another big bonus has been following pals from class–Colleen, Diana, Jenny, Kristen, Lilyanne, Rosie (and Ashley)…anyone else on? twitter.jpg Twitter has surprised me–it’s entertaining. The application has the potential to be tremendously useful too. Your tweets have given rise to an idea that could help so many (thank you). My husband serves on the board of an international Christian missionary organization. At their board meeting two days ago, he told them about Twitter and proposed the idea of getting their missionaries on board. Imagine the community they could create all over the world (if the tools are available)–and the prayer support they could harness. What an innovative way to “Bond.”


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One Response to “The name’s Graff, Garrett Graff”

  1. Ha, ha! I hadn’t made that connection, but you’re so right about Garrett. I, too, have found myself thinking of interesting — and more importantly useful — ways to use Twitter.

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