Surprise, surprise…

So many surprises this week…but, I guess that’s been the norm lately. Each week, I have been astounded at what one can do, say, accomplish, access or even manipulate online. Overall though, I have been very pleasantly surprised. As we head into the next phase, I am slightly wary. We’re now entering a virtual world—a Second Life. Whoa. First of all, I can barely keep up with my first life–who needs a second? But, that is beside the point. This virtual life thing freaks me out a little. It reminds me of when I was a kid using a CB radio with my brothers; my mom told us to make sure we didn’t give out any personal information–NONE. It was unnerving–but we were young; we kept chatting…we made mistakes. How times have changed–now I’m the one saying, “don’t give out any personal information–none.” That said, I will introduce you to my avatar, who shall remain nameless…secondlife-postcard.jpg

Around me are avatars who look scary…really scary. And my “travels” didn’t prove to be any better. “People” were talking to me, using my “name” and following me. Somehow, this was more unnerving than the CB (and the language on SL was certainly more offensive–coupled with the behavior of some “residents”…yikes). What truly surprises me from our reading is that Second Life appears to have 12,865,135 “residents,” with almost a quarter of a million people logging in over the last 7 days. And stunningly, real money is exchanged. Rob Hof (of Business Week) says in BW’s podcast that “Linden dollars” are purchased and used to amass virtual fortunes (real estate, etc). I can certainly understand why advertisers and businesses are drawn to this “community,” but…

Another thing shocked me. When I read Wikipedia’s “Discussion” page about Second Life (be sure to scroll down), I was stunned. Beyond that, Second Life’s blotter, Hof’s description of “dance clubs,” and what Hof said “sells” in this virtual economy were not appealing. I leave it to you to decide–but as for me, I am delighted with my first life…I don’t really want a Second.


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4 Responses to “Surprise, surprise…”

  1. Becky, I have not played Second Life yet – I am uploading the app but I feel like you….my first life is so busy and fun, why should I have a SL? My husband even said with fear; I hope you won´t get into it….

  2. […] first I was really skeptical about Second Life – as BeckBlogic said, “I can barely keep up with my first life–who needs a second?” But I’ve […]

  3. […] March 18, 2008 My Second Life Posted by mintymusings under Assign-mint | Tags: avatar, BeckBlogic, Dungeons and Dragons, Orientation Island, Second Life, SL |   I set up my Second Life account and was eager to get started. I had heard so much about the virtual world from the video game experts at work, but I had never gotten the urge to give it a try. In many ways, it intimidated me… reminding me of that blast-from-the-past, Dungeons and Dragons. While I never dabbled, my sister did and I could never understand that desire to create and “live” in an imaginary world. At times, there is more than enough drama in my own world (just ask my friends!). I know I’m not the only one with reservations about dipping my toe into the SL world… my classmate blogged about her concerns in her blog, BeckBlogic. […]

  4. […] in class later this week. I am a bit nervous that I will get addicted to SL because like BeckBlogic Weblog I do not know where I should get time to have a second life – without giving up my nice night […]

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