Surf’s Up…

As Garrett suggested, I have been surfing the net (the social web).  And the more I surf, the more I discover just how vast the social web really is.  I saw this video recently and it seemed slightly symbolic of my journey (without the hair-raising, life-threatening, adrenaline-pumping rush).  Starting out, things seem calm and manageable…but as the surfer advances, the magnitude of what he’s navigating becomes abundantly clear. 

I used to think I was pretty savvy at navigating the web (I mean, how hard is it to click?).  But there is so much out there—and I’m realizing, so much more to learn (by the way, thanks ButterflyAreej for what you just taught me—I didn’t know about https).  I started out on the class page of links.  I attempted–it seemed so great in class.  But after downloading the toolbar and choosing the most relevant category I could find (limited options), I only managed to uncover relevant blogs within the category.  Needless to say, I removed that toolbar.  I had better luck with the search.  After hitting the bookmarking sites, news sites, travel sites and social sites, I found a site that indexes the sites  gotoweb201.jpg and a site that explains the A-Z’s…thank goodness for those!  Endless choices.  Of the sites we covered, my favorites were the news sites like and   

And ending it all with a chuckle, I tried targeting myself.  (BusinessofLife and RosietheThird inspired me—I’m “open-sourcing” my information!)  Guess how many college grad, married females, 44 and over, with keyword “kids” (not sure if that is even in my profile) there are in the United States?  80…we’re coming on like gang-busters!  I guess it will be a while before my target market’s “database of intentions” appears on FusoseTalks  by impacting Google Trends—but hey, surf’s up!

P.S.  The surfer made it!


~ by eTechnorize on February 26, 2008.

2 Responses to “Surf’s Up…”

  1. I am flattered Becky. Uhm ….now … I have to say – be careful opensourcing all that info! It is a different experience walking around in a semi-public life!

    I guess I got used to it but I am a big guy and scary when I get mad. I am not sure I would ever get any stalkers but feel I could scare them if I did! Seriously though, I think we learn to just plain “live” more carefully. As one said once – as wise as snakes and as harmless as doves.

  2. You are remarkable. 🙂 What a great entry.

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