Thank you, Eli and Plaxico.

Not my best move–given that my professor is from New England–but, I’m going to say it anyway—I am a huge N.Y Giants fan.  Have been from the moment I took my first breath.  I used to watch the games every Sunday with my dad and three older brothers–all fanatics.  I was riveted.  I loved “my team”–Harry Carson, Lawrence Taylor, Mark Bavaro, Carl Banks, Joe Morris…  They had so much character and grit–and fun.  I watched as Harry Carson poured the very first cooler of Gatorade over Bill Parcels’ unsuspecting head (which started an NFL tradition).  Every time they won, I’d be giddy with anticipation waiting to see Carson start creeping around with that very large, very cold container and Coach Parcels in his sight.  Laughing, cheering…so many happy memories. 

The Giants have always felt like a part of the family–a rite of passage.  Sounds silly…but, our family was together.  Celebrating the sucesses and bouncing back from the defeats–we were united.  And, I have passed that torch to my kids.  We watch and cheer, faithfully…building happy memories.  So it goes without saying that we were wildly happy last Monday.  People who know us were congratulating us…we got calls, emails and hugs.  It was fun!  Yet, the best part of the game for me was witnessing “the boys in blue.”  They were gracious; they were role-models.  I was awed watching Plaxico Burress as he scored the winning touchdown of the Super Bowl…instead of putting on a well-deserved show in the end-zone, he bowed his head and took a knee.  Class act.  And, I marveled watching a dignified and humble Eli Manning, after of season of blistering criticism, grant a post-game interview to one of his harshest critics–a former teammate.  Class act.

In a day when one worries about kids’ heroes–and what’s being seen on T.V., I was grateful and proud to be sharing this team with my kids.  The Giants had class, character and grit.  We were riveted.  And of course, the win didn’t hurt!


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