Over The Hill?

Hard as this is to accept, I think I must be “over the hill.”  Have to say, I’ve had a little pep in my step because of all of the new Web 2.0 tools we’re learning and using.  It’s been really fun!  But, I think it must be an age thing because, I just didn’t connect with “Dawn and Drew” or “Mommycast.”  In an attempt to try to figure it out, I listened to (and watched) a few shows.  It was amusing to see Dawn snowtubing or riding a zip-line–or to listen to Dawn and Drew talk about music, etc. (couldn’t listen to too much more because they’re “explicit” and I’ve got an audience).  But, I don’t “get” it.  I read the comments and people love them!  They’re unabashed, spontaneous and “exposed.”  Is it a generational thing?  Hmmm…  And even as mom of five, “Mommycast” didn’t grab me at all…not at all.  Throughout, my thoughts kept wandering…”have to read more Long Tail by Tuesday…hope the Giants win the Super Bowl…got to get groceries…did she just say that for everyone to hear?!”  Could I read and listen at the same time?  (Not the point, I know.)

Just when I was feeling a little lost on this podcast thing, I hit iTunes and discovered that there are endless categories and subcategories of podcasts.  I found it: “News and Politics”–right up my alley.  I actually got to see “Meet the Press!”  I finally “get” it.  I may be “over the hill,” but there is a podcast out there for me.  What else can I discover?  This is really fun!


~ by eTechnorize on February 3, 2008.

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