Double Exposure…

I must admit that I have been overwhelmed at how big and exposed this electronic world really is…especially today. Dutifully, I have been filling out profiles and joining networks. This has been an incredible exercise for me. I am learning so much and am accessing information that I didn’t know was available. Honestly though, I felt like I was doing these things in a vacuum. But…today I got an email that changed my perception.

I graduated from college almost 22 years ago (I’m not afraid to admit that!). I am still very close to many of my college friends–but I have lost touch with many also. Today, I got an email via from an old college friend. He was my mentor at our school radio station. His email asked if I was “the same Becky from WMLN” long ago. Unbelievable. I’ve been on Linkedin for all of a week. Today I learned first hand about “social media.” To me, it is both cool and scary. I’m actually “out there.”

naked-conversations.jpgThe overarching theme of the “how to’s” of blogging seems to be, expose myself. To blog “smart,” I must expose myself as a blogger–and also as a reader/commenter (or commentator if I eventually come to view myself a “grassroots journalist”) of blogs. I must be honest. Being honest not only means telling the truth, it means being myself…exposing myself. And surprisingly, if I had a business, I should blog exactly the same way–quite a big and welcome change from when I was last in the workforce. I love this idea as a reader…but as a writer?!

Also, I am appreciating these tips from Naked Conversations. Hope they keep me on track–although, I’m little late on the name front!

1. Name your blog so you are found easily.
2. Read others’ blogs before you start your own.
3. Keep your blog simple and focused.
4. Show passion.
5. Demonstrate authority.
6. Invite comments and “conversation.”
7. Be accessible (include ways to be contacted).
8. Tell a story (compelling and honest).
9. Be “linky” (include links to other websites and blogs).
10. Get out into the real world (have face-to-face meetings–or at least podcast or video blogs).
11. Use your referrer log (to see who has linked to you–and what it being said).

Beyond that, I appreciated other tips they tucked into the book: Be nice. Be fast. Be legal. Be edgy. Be aware. Be ethical. Be credible. Be inquisitive. Be Interesting. Be personal. Be responsive. Be conversational. Be a listener! “The Cluetrain Manifestoand “We the Media speak to this also. Cluetrain says, “Markets are conversations.” Conversations are good business–and engaged particpants help the listener. “We the Media” suggests businesses tap into a listserv to keep an ear to the ground–and monitor “chat rooms, discussion boards, email, blogs,” etc. Naked Conversations says, “A good blog should build trust, interest, awareness, and enthusiasm, just like they teach in Marketing 1o1.”

This is a new journey for me. But, I’m giving this “Channel 9” thing my best shot. If you have tips or comments to help me navigate this, I would be enormously grateful. I am not quite used to this “exposure,” does anyone else feel the same?


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2 Responses to “Double Exposure…”

  1. Wow, that’s a great distillation of the rules of blogging. Polonius from Shakespear’s Hamlet tried to teach us the transparency rule many, many years ago in his only partially quoted line, “To thine own self be true…” The lesser known part of that quote is the one that sums up blogging, “though cans’t not be false to any man.”

    …And yes, cyberspace is huge.

  2. Love it!!
    I am iso impressed with your new skills. But then again everything you put your mind (heart) to….you always seem to grasp right away.
    Thats why I admire you so much…..and…thats one reason I love you so much. (There are many many more reasons). But mostly thats why I always call and ask for advice.
    Keep it going…and good luck on this new journey of yours.

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